Alright, Chuckleheads…

…And by “chuckleheads”, I mean the good-for-nothing comment and trackback spammers, do you not see the “Spam Karma” stats down at the lower-right of my site? That means that each and every bloody one of your inane attempts to increase your Google rankings is failing miserably. Your barbarian hordes are crashing harmlessly against the gates of my SK setup.

So keep trying. I’ll keep getting the digest messages letting me know that your disgusting filth has been, once again, caught.

So cut it out, hosers, mmmkay?

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  1. […] If you've been paying attention recently, you'd know that I've been fighting off a new wave of obnoxious comment/trackback spammers bent on peddling their idiotic home mortgages and poker tournaments for free using bandwidth I pay for. My inbox was flooding with SpamKarma digest messages faster than I could delete them, so I finally decided to take some long overdue actions: I upgraded my SK install to SpamKarma 2 and installed the wonderfully-effective Bad Behavior plugin. Color me impressed. […]

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