A Request For Advice: Family Edition

With the birht of our first child right around the corner, I’ve been contemplating the “need” for a camcorder. We already have a nice 5.1 Megapixel digital camera which is capable of taking short movies with mono sound.

So, to any and all family readers out there, here’s the question: is it worth buying a camcorder to record the events of your childrens’ early lives? If so, which camcorder would you recommend? I’d like the convenience of a mini DVD camera, but they’re way outside of my pricerange, but what about a Super 8 or a MinDV rig?

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  1. judging on how much my parents use the childhood videos of us as blackmail I would say most definitely. As for the technology, I have not looked into it yet so you should probably google some camcorder comparison or review pages.

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