It’s Pitchforks And Torches Time, Folks

Remember the Kelo SCOTUS decision? Well, the town elders of New London, CT are at it again. So brazen are their actions that USA Today actually deployed the term “chutzpah.”
And why, pray tell, is a national newspaper resorting to Yiddish phraseology? Simple:

Susette Kelo and her neighbors spent years in a legal battle that culminated in June, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against them.
That was painful enough. But while the homeowners were battling in court, New London was calculating how much “rent” they owe for living in the houses they were fighting to save. (The city’s development corporation gained title to the homes when it condemned them, though the owners refused to sell and haven’t collected a cent.)
The homeowners could soon be served with eviction notices, which is justified by the court ruling. But the rent is something else. For some, it comes to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Kelo, whose name is on the landmark case, could owe $57,000.

Residents of New London, I emplore you: begin staging hunger strikes, sit-ins, or even torch-waving vigilante mob action. This sort of thing can not go unchecked.

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