Beware The Mighty Dumples!

As previously mentioned, my fantasy football draft was last night. I think I came out of the deal in fairly good shape, particularly since I did zero preparation.
It’s a 12 team league and we had 16 rounds of selections, with a minimum active roster of:

  • 1 Quarter Back
  • 2 Wide Receivers
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 1 Tight End
  • 1 WR/TE
  • 1 WR/RB
  • 1 Kicker
  • 1 Defense
  • 6 Bench players

The draft took from 7pm to 11:15pm or so in a “snake” fashion, i.e. numbers 1-12 picked in order, then 12-1 picked in reverse order in the following round. I drew #10, so my evening was marked by several 5 minute stints wherein I picked twice followed by numerous gaps of around 20-30 minutes in which I sat there, bemoaning the good players being sniped out from under my nose. Here’s how I came out (picks listed by the round they were selected in):

  1. Donovan McNabb, PHL – QB
  2. Michael Bennett, MIN – RB
  3. Michael Vick, ATL – QB
  4. Muhsin Muhammad, CHI – WR
  5. Jerome Bettis, PIT – RB
  6. Eric Moulds, BUF – WR
  7. Dallas Clark, IND – TE
  8. Troy Williamson, MIN – WR
  9. Mewelde Moore, MIN – RB
  10. Wayne Chrebet, NYJ – WR
  11. Ryan Longwell, GB – K
  12. Falcons D., ATL – D
  13. Daniel Graham, NE – TE
  14. Najeh Davenport, GB – RB
  15. Ike Hilliard, TB – WR
  16. Chargers D., SD – D

I made some decent picks there, I think. My first round choice would have been Culpepper, but he was snagged two positions ahead of me. The big name running backs all went first round (Tomlinson, Lewis, Holmes, etc.) and so I went out on a little bit of a limb to grab McNabb. I went further out by grabbing Vick third round – my thinking was that I can either trade him later or have him sit the bench and avoid having him score points for the other guys.
Apologies to my Clemson readers, as Williamson is an old USCer. I’ve got to represent my Vikings.
So, come first round of the season, the “Kiev Kossacks” are going down, and going down hard against my mighty Dumples.

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