Old Coot Alert

I may well earn my AARP card with this one, but oh well. I’ve a confession to make, and it may well peg your “Crotchety-Old-Crank-o-meter”:
I don’t “get” what’s so great about Kanye West. There, I’ve said it.
He’s pulled down multiple Grammys, most critics think his debut album was one of the best discs released in recent memory and many are hailing him as the second coming of rap. Me, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. He just doesn’t “do it” for me (picture the Princess Vespa hand motion accompanying that phrase for the full effect). He pretty much sounds like Jay Z, minus the thug lyrics. Is that really all it takes to impress people these days? Dress up nicely and not be a thug? Is that why West and Andre 3000 get so much respect? Feh, Outkast has oodles, oodles, I say!, more talent than Mr. West, at least as expressed through their ability to construct a catchy and memorable song.
So, am I missing something? Have I passed over some deeper level to his music and thus missed out on some profound experience, or are the critics just a bunch of jaded cynics ready to bestow honorifics upon any act that deviates from the norm?
Bah. Now, get off my lawn!


He’s the Grammy-wining longtime-Rockafella-Records-producer-turned-MC with two albums (College Dropout and Late Registration) to his credit who went on a rambling anti-Bush screed on the Katrina benefit concert broadcast Friday night, ending with the claim that “Bush doesn’t care about black people.”
That help any?