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As previously noted in this space, the Google Mini isn’t exactly a model of openness. I’d always assumed that it ran a version of Linux as its operating system, but was never quite sure.
That is, until today. Google issued a security alert and a subsequent patch to address XSS vulnerabilities. As I followed the patching procedure, I noted the following messages output by the Mini:

      Current status:
            Uploading File
            Completed: 100%
            ** Unpacking downloaded file **
            ** Installing from the archive **
            ** Installing patch **
                  Installing: google-enterprise-mini-patch-3.4.14-10.i386.rpm ... Done
      Installing extra rpms. These may cause this server to stop. Please follow the instructions:
      Once the upgrade is complete, the System version will be patched
      Done >> Continue

[Emphasis mine]
So not only does it run Linux, but it appears to run a RedHat variant. Interesting…