Google Beaten To The Punch – By Microsoft

Those in the know noted a couple of weeks ago that Microsoft had quietly added the capability to search blogs and feeds via MSN Search. For instance, if you prepend feed: to a search string, only results that appear in RSS/Atom feeds will be returned (e.g., feed: literal barrage) or, if you prepend hasfeed:, only results of pages having feeds (most commonly blogs) will be returned (e.g., hasfeed: literal barrage). Nifty stuff and actually pretty useful for searching blogs.
Well, Google has taken the step today of introducing Google Blog Search and it’s a doozy. A simple search (literal barrage, in this case) appears to have picked up just about every post I’ve ever written. Interesting. Additionally, the Advanced Search option looks very powerful. Check it out when you get a chance.
(Source: Slashdot.)

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