Someone Stole My President And Replaced Him With An Alien Clone Intent On Destroying The Republican Base

Or, at the very least, that’s what I think has to have happened for him to nominate Harriet Miers to the SCoTUS. Reactions have been mixed with a decidedly negative tone, from profound disappointment to saying the White House is stuck on stupid to calling it a rope-a-dope to a real diversity play to outright anger. However, I think Patterico best sums up my initial reactions:

Is This Really The Best They Can Do?


[I]t’s based entirely on “well, Bush knows her better than we do.” Sorry, that doesn’t fly. Bush thought that Vladimir Putin had a good soul. Bush loves Vicente Fox. And on and on. I have zero trust in the President’s evaluation of the character of others, and even less in his ability to understand or evaluate the jurisprudence of candidates.

The final one is Hugh Hewitt. Full disclosure: I hate Hugh Hewitt, because he’s managed to be a bigger tool of the “Bush is Reagan Part Two!!!” crowd of the Republican Party than even such icons of that group like Sean Hannity.

His post, too, rests on the “I trust the President” foundation. I’m sorry, Hugh, but the Bush family, and Republicans in general, have shown that we cannot take them at their word when Supreme Court nominations are in play.


No thanks.

(Italics mine.)

I was thinking the exact same thing today. Utterly disappointing.


  1. Agreed, as I heard today that the only major issues she is on record for is gay adoption, raising taxes and a few other traditionally left items.

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