Positive Miers Reax

While I’ve certainly been down on the President’s selection of Harriet Miers to be the next Supreme Court Justice, there have been those on the right who are willing to view the whole affair in a more positive light. Beldar, in particular, has been verbose on the issue, rebutting the cronyism claims, spanking National Review Online commenters for their “uninformed” positions, and breaking down the Roberts v. Miers comparison. Patrick Ruffini makes the case for Miers being a true conservative while the Powerline guys come to her defense on several of the charges being leveled by conservatives in the last two days.
I remain unconvinced of her merits, though, particularly in light of the revelation of Mier’s job application. Also, dig Patterico’s roundup of further links. Plus, she shilled for Microsoft, which is always a black mark in my book.

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