William James Stewart

9 pounds 11 ounces, 22.5 inches, born at 08:03 pm EDT, October 17th in the Year of Our Lord 2005.
Momma and baby (and poppa) are doing just fine, although papa may be suffering from an acute case of Pride and Swollen Chest.
Small side note: midwife/nursery nurses agree that, rather than 1.5 weeks overdue as previously suspected, young master William was actually 1-1.5 weeks early, meaning he would have been ~11lbs had he gone full term. And for neglecting to do so, my wife and I thank him.


9 lbs 11 ozs, a good weight if I do say so myself (the exact weight that I popped out at). Congrats Doug and the Momma and the whole clan. Can’t wait to see the little bugger when I make my trek up north.

Dudes, congratulations!
Oh man, that is one good lookin baby! (Sorry Doug, he looks like a Texas fan)
I’m so happy for you guys. I’ll have to forward the link to Ann.
Once again, one thousand congratulations. You have to let us know when we can come down!

Cyndi just delevired a 10 pound baby. Her description has me hoping your wife had a C-section. If not, she’s stronger and braver than I’ll ever be.

I will comment here since there are no further posts. Congradulations, we cannot wait to meet Sir William. We have been arguing about who he looks more like. I love the video with the one eye peek. Everyone from work and the shop sends there congrats and love.