An Historical Comparison In Pictorial-Assisted Form

Mary Mapes
Mary Mapes, former CBS News/60 minutes producer responsible for greenlighting the bogus Bush National Guard Memos story, when asked during a Washington Post online chat “Who do you suppose actually forged this fake document?”:

You are wrong to believe that the documents have been determined to be forged. That has not happened. I personally believe the documents are not false.

Baghdad Bob
Ms. Mapes then followed up with :

The infidel crusader bloggers are dying by the thousands at the gates of CBS News. In fact, the sheer size of my book advance has driven them insane with jealousy and fear and has caused them to make all sorts of false assertions about the supposed unavailability of Microsoft “Word” in 1973. John Kerry did not lose the 2004 election. In fact, the Ohio recount is nearly complete and will certify him as winner of the Presidency early next year.