By Way Of An Explanation

The source of my distraction.Posting today has been light due to two occurences:

  1. A “network problem” that brought down much of the Dreamhost network this morning.
  2. The arrival of my Palm TX handheld.

The TX is nice, very nice – I’ve been monkeying around with it and have it syncing via Bluetooth to my Powerbook. It also has 802.11b, but I haven’t had a chance to change my WAP over to mixed-mode, so I haven’t been able to test out the web browsing capabilities.
The only downside is actually not the fault of the TX itself: my fargin’ Nokia 6820 isn’t supported by iSync, meaning that all of my phone numbers are virtually locked away on that stupid thing. I’m having to resort to manually typing numbers in to Address Book and then syncing the TX to the Mac in order to get the info in. Last time I ever buy a Nokia product; my experiences with the phone have been nothing but trouble. I miss my Motorola products…

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  1. So I feel the need to point out to the public precisely the extent to which he was playing. You see, we were suposed to (and did) meet up for The Game, and when he called me, his phone didn’t sound so good. He explained that he had no battery left. And then I lost him. As chance would have it, we did run into each at tailgates, and I asked what happened, as he had an hours drive (to The Game) which the phone could have charged. At this point, the truth came out:
    “I was playing with bluetooth, and it must sap the battery something fierce”
    So, ladies and gents. Let the record show that he was more interested in playing with his new toy then in making sure he could be found amongst a crowd of 16,000+

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