Attack Of The 50 Foot Baby

Goo Goo GoliathMe boy’s one month birthday passed last Thursday without note in this space, so I thought I’d note it now. William is almost 5 weeks old now and growing like gangbusters, truth be told. He came into this world at 9 lbs. 11 oz., which is no mean feat, let me tell you. However, he has startled both myself and my wife with just how quickly he’s growing. At his pediatrician’s appointment yesterday, he weighed in at over 15 lbs. Dang, boy! He has already outgrown his first set of diapers and we’ve begun to put him into 3-month-old clothing, which is just scary.

In any event, Papa remains proud as a peacock and is looking forward to playing catch with Will out in the backyard in about 3 months or so.