My Better Half’s Worse-Off Foot

As previously noted in this space, my wife and I were due at the orthopaedist’s office this morning. The doctor, a kindly older gentleman with thinning gray hair, took a look at the x-rays from the emergency room and pronounced that, yes, she has three broken metatarsals. However, the x-rays didn’t show whether she had incurred a Lisfranc dislocation, so he wrote us a scrip for a CAT scan. I then spent the better part of today navigating endless HMO, PCP and specialists’ phone trees in a vain attempt to schedule said CAT scan in any decent amount of time. The doctor is now going to have to call in to the radiology department up at the hospital and give them what for, apparently, unless we feel like waiting for Rapture Day to get the test.
I took yesterday and today off from work in order to be some help around the house, but I have to go back in tomorrow. I’m headed in early; we’ll see how things go at home. I may have a half day ahead of me…

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