A View We Infidels Were Never Meant To See

There is apparently a prohibition on cameras at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia, supposed final resting place of Mohammed, and, since the entirety of Mecca is off-limits to kafir (Arabic for “infidel”) such as myself, there’s precious little visual record for me to soothe my curiosity with. However, by way of Little Green Footballs, I came across a 360° panorama of the courtyard of the Mosque taken by an intrepid hajji. I’m a bit surprised that they actually used his name, as I would imagine it would be easy to get in trouble for this sort of thing.
Still, it’s a very interesting shot worth taking a gander at.

3 Replies to “A View We Infidels Were Never Meant To See”

  1. There seems to be two errorsin this article.
    (i) There is no such blanket prohibition on cameras at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Infact there are many television cameras situated around comlex. If anyone is really desperate to view what goes on in the Mosque they can tune into Saudi television where prayers are broadcast live daily.
    Here is a link for anyone who wants to watch Saudi T.V. on the net:
    Having said all of that I think there is a ban on members of the public taking photographic equipment into the mosque. But as I have already stated earlier the images can be taken straight from the T.V.
    (ii) The Grand Mosque in Mecca is not the resting place of the Prophet of Islam. Infact his resting place can be found in Medina which is well to the north of Mecca and not infact in Mecca.

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