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  • An Incredible View Of Downtown Philadelphia

    A few lucky private citizens were lucky enough to be invited to take a tour of the still-under-construction Comcast Center in Center City Philadelphia. One enterprising blogger amongst the crowd documented the trip in pictorial form (the above panorama is an image from the 55th story). There are some incredible shots amongst the ones he…

  • AndyOne, You Have A New Mission

    You must acquire a fully-functional pinball table constructed entirely of LEGO® bricks.

  • Friday Linkfestivus

    Time for a little link dump, I’d say. Looking for an oldschool flair for your newschool iPod? Best grab a boombox dock, then. Via Wired, we have the wonder of officeplace Faceball.

  • The Heights Of Human Weirdness Know No Upper Bounds

    Have you ever wanted to embed a server in the corpse of a frog, wire up the frog’s legs so that said server can activate said frog’s leg muscles via a galvanic reaction, suspend the whole affair in a tank of mineral oil, hook the server up to the Internet, allow users to activate the…

  • Pawns On A Roller Coaster

    ChessCoaster: Like Snakes on a Plane, only far, far geekier. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

  • Those Crafty, CRAFTY Mouseketeers!

    Ever wonder how Walt Disney World stays so clean, so spic-and-span? Turns out it’s actually built on top of enormous tunnels that whisk away garbage, convey employees to their destinations, deliver supplies to vendors and offer employees a respite from the Florida sun, all out of the view of the prying eyes of guests. Nifty.

  • Don’t Be So Cavalier With That Mouse Pointer, Buster!

    You just think that it’s electrons or somesuch hooey moving your cursor around the screen, dontcha? You poor deluded souls — everyone knows it’s done by little overworked men (well, in Japan, at least). Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer approves.

  • Ahhh, The Memories: Trivia, Laughter, Double Entendres

    I happened to stumble across YouDontKnowJack.com the other day and was instantly transported back to my freshman year of college wherein countless nights were spent with hallmates laughing our way through the various incarnations of “The Jack”, as it came to be known. And now it’s available. In episodic form. On-line. For free. Be still,…

  • Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art Gallery

    The coolest collection of classic works of art scrawled into the dirty rear window of a Mini Cooper you’re likely to see – ever.

  • A Question For My South Carolina Brethren

    Ever been to the abandoned nuclear plant in Gaffney, SC? Apparently they filmed the underwater scenes from The Abyss there and some intrepid soul has the pictures to prove it. Too cololcool [UPDATED: lousy fat fingers! – ed.]. Source: Binary Bonsai.