Adventure Of The Purely Minor Domestic Sort

My wife, son and I sat down to watch the Seattle-Washington game this evening expecting nothing out of the ordinary, but the weather conspired to add a bit of spice to our lives.
It was quite windy this afternoon and one of the gusts apparently worked a powerline loose on the pole across the street from our house, as around half way through the second quarter, I saw a series of three bright green-blue explosions accompanied by a loud humming explosion and showers of sparks on the pole directly in front of our living room windows. The house went dark immediately and my wife and I sprang into action. We gathered our store of candles and our two Mag Lites and proceeded to attempt to light our downstairs, after which I used my cell phone to call PECO and report the outtage. I then threw on a jacket and went outside to investigate the scene and noted that the power was out for the majority of my neighborhood, street lights, traffic lights and all. I couldn’t see any damage from street-level, so I headed back in to the house to make dinner plans with my wife.
Since our range and stove are electric, we decided that I should venture out to Abner’s. On my way to Abner’s, I noticed a PECO truck headed in the direction of the explosions, so I expected to have power back on after I got home. Sure enough, on my return trip, my wife called my phone and let me know that the lights were back on.
I must say, I was slightly disappointed. Had the lights not come back on, we were planning on going to bed early and perhaps reading a bit by candlelight before turning in and I had briefly considered blogging about the blackout before remembering that, while my laptop possesses a battery, my WAP and DSL modems sadly lack such failsafes.
Oh well, at least I got to see the Patriots get whipped. I feel bad for Teddy Bruschi, but he’s already got two Superbowl rings, so I don’t feel too bad.