Postmodern New Jersey Fake Nazis? I Hate Postmodern New Jersey Fake Nazis!

Have you heard about the postmodernist professor Jacques Pluss from Fairleigh Dickinson University that, in a Derridian fit, decided that the best way to understand neo-Nazis was to become one? Further more, did you hear that he “outed” himself to FDU in an effort to get fired and highlight the hypocrisy of universities allowing extreme Leftist speech on campus while excoriating extreme “Right” speech? No?
Well, Paul Mulshine has penned the definitive article on the subject and, in the process, commits to the “written” page two of the best puns ever: first, the headline – “Sham neo-Nazi finds himself between a Reich and a hard place” and second, from the article itself:

I agreed with Pluss on that point. But when he launched into a spiel about the subtle but overlooked charms of that Austrian politician formerly known as Adolf Schickelgruber, I began to think he was a few Stukas short of a squadron, if you know what I mean.

Heh. You’ve got to admire the man’s gumption.

3 Replies to “Postmodern New Jersey Fake Nazis? I Hate Postmodern New Jersey Fake Nazis!”

  1. Obviously someone needed to buy that guy World of Warcraft or the new Final Fantasy to keep him a little more occupied. I can’t believe the conversation he had with his friends at the bar,
    Neo: “You know – I think I’m going to prove that universities condone extreme leftist speech but crack down on extreme rightist speech.”
    Schlub: “Oh yeah, how are you going to that?”
    Neo: “I’m going to proclaim the Neo-Nazi doctrine in a liberal setting. I’m not really going to become a Neo-Nazi, just pretend to be one.”
    Now this is where this guy’s schlub of a friend should have tried to talk him out of this ridiculous idea but I guess that didn’t happen. Oh well, at least now we have something to laugh at.

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