Curse You, Hurricane Schwartz!

Dear Weather Channel,
Is it normal to see lightning in Pennsylvania in late January? ‘Cause, you know, that’s exactly what I saw last night. Heard thunder too. My contention is that the answer is “no, it’s not normal”. Is there anything you can do about this, what with your Doppler 10,000 radars and all?

Doug Stewart

P.S.: Where’s my snow? I demand a refund!
P.P.S.: I think the Russians may have stolen our snow, initiating a new Cold War. What are your plans to deal with this new Red Menace?

3 Replies to “Curse You, Hurricane Schwartz!”

  1. Not only did we get thunder and lightning last night, but during the last “snowstorm” (that time we got like 4 inches) I saw lighting while it was snowing! I don’t know if any of you watch Lewis Black (comedian) but he has an absolutely hilarious skit of how the world was ending because it was snowing in Boston with lightning behind it. Kinda made me think of that and laugh. Like the way I laugh everyday when I read the Deep Toughts on the main page of this blog.

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