Using To Get My Browser Life In Order

Hi, my name is Doug, and I’m a tab-a-holic. I have a severe problem: I open stories in my Firefox tabs, usually from one of the RSS feeds I subscribe to, never fully read the stories and then leave the tabs open with the intention to one day read those stories. The only problem is that I rarely ever get around to reading those stories. This means that my browsing sessions get ridiculously large and consume massive amounts of memory.
Well, I’ve had enough. No more shall I be a slave to my tabs. Instead, I have installed the bookmarklet and have begun posting all those links to my feed. If you’d like to follow my vast and varied travels around the Intarweb, feel free to click that link.
Hopefully I’ll kick my habit.
UPDATE: Wouldn’t you know it – the moment I post this story, goes AWOL. Wait a bit if you can’t reach it – I’m sure it’ll come back sometime soon.

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