Presbyterian Church (USA) – The Denomination With No Shame

Some days I’m more than a little sad to have ever been a part of a PC-USA church; today, unfortunately, is one of those days.
Please don’t read this as an indictment of Presbyterians in general. The vast majority of my family is Presbyterian and my father pastors a PC-USA church over on the Main Line and I am well aware that most of the people in the Church either vehemently disagree with their national organization or are blissfully unaware of the disgusting acts that go on in their name. The problem is thus: the upper echelons of the PC-USA have been overridden by hard-Left elements bound and determined to “reform” the church. These reforms have previously included divestment from the State of Israel, an ongoing push to ordain practicing homosexuals as Presbyterian clergy and a continual campaign to alter the Church’s stance on abortion to be decidedly of the “pro-” variety. Now, they’ve decided to actively oppose anti-illegal immigration legislation currently wending its way through the Senate, with PC-USA spokeswoman Elenora Giddings-Ivory being credited with one of the stupidest misuses of Scripture I’ve seen since Howard Dean ran for President: “Joseph and Mary had to flee persecution. Jesus was not born in his home community.” Dave Kopel takes down this idiocy in a vicious fashion over at the Volokh Conspiracy, for those of you that haven’t already retched at Ms. Giddings-Ivory’s smarmy misappropriation of Jesus’ birth.
It saddens and disgusts me to see a once-great denomination’s name consistently run through the mud by the meddling liberals and leftover Marxists that have made their way to the top of the General Assembly. Here’s to hoping the split that has been predicted for the last 20 years comes to pass, and soon. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to pray for the PC-USA, that God might give them wisdom and insight and a sense of genuine Godly purpose.

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Is no religion sacred to uphold the fiber of America! Hello, this country was based on religion and now that religion is supporting functions that are damaging the country! That does it, I am making a new religion: The Patriot Christian Unitarians or something in that manner! I like exclamation points!!