Not Reading Victor Davis Hanson? You Should Be!

Hanson has to be one of my favorite historians of relatively recent vintage – his books and columns are interesting, insightful and almost always concerned with the long view of current events. He’s just returned from a trip to Iraq, where he made the following observation:

It is an odd war, because the side that I think is losing garners all the press, whether by blowing up the great golden dome of the Askariya shrine in Samarra, or blowing up an American each day. Yet we hear nothing of the other side that is ever so slowly, shrewdly undermining the enemy.

Go ye and read the whole thing.

One Reply to “Not Reading Victor Davis Hanson? You Should Be!”

  1. this should be paraphrased on the news ticker at Fox News every day!
    “One of the great lapses in world journalism is investigating what happened to the 100,000 criminals let out by Saddam Hussein on the eve of the war. Thus the terrorists have succeeded in making all the daily mayhem of a major city appear to be political violence — even though much of the problem is the theft, rape, and murder committed by criminals who have had a holiday since Saddam freed them.”
    LOL, the truth is out there!

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