I Think I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little

Those of you that know me know that I prefer to avoid cursing in any capacity, but there are times when only a certain term applies. Today is one of those times.
Let’s get this out up front: Spike Lee is a horse’s ass. The man long ago wore out his “art’s” tired form – that of a “satirical” racial polemic designed to make people “think”. He has now been reduced (some might say he never transcended) to creating bitter pieces that are simply designed for their shock value, like some feature-length racist Howard Stern show.
Case in point: Lee’s latest piece C.S.A. The Movie. This “alternate history” piece of trash posits that the Confederacy was able to defeat the Union and, in doing so, reunified the U.S. under a Confederate government. Slavery stayed legal, only now there exists a creepy consumerist aspect to the practice, with such innovations as the “Slave Shopping Network” ala HSN where you can find house Negroes for rock-bottom prices.
Don’t believe me? Hit that link and watch the trailer.
Back? Repulsed yet? Good. Let’s talk about this piece of garbage. Lee’s none-too-subtle point (as he hamfistedly evidences in his “all 50 states turning into Red States” infographic) seems to be that, left unchecked, we Red Staters would take us all back to a time where White Men happily kept the Black Man down, in a very, very literal sense. Should those of us that lean Rightward ultimately succeed in our “goals”, the entire country will be plunged into a new dark age, where men are free to publically revel in their oppression of their fellow man. Not only that, but we are succeeding and managing to oppress those around us, albeit in a less overt fashion – why, just yesterday, South Dakota passed a law making almost all abortions illegal! King George rules with limitless power, a new Fascism is upon us and our liberties are being infringed on a daily basis!
Lee is a sad, sad man. This sort of sick, demented filmmaking belongs right up next to its intellectual brethren amongst Leni Riefenstahl’s best, so broad and disgusting are its racist themes.
I’ll say it again: disgusting. The man has obviously lost any sense of shame that he may have once had.
Source: The Shape of Days.
Correction: Spike Lee produced the movie, he didn’t direct it. That distinction belongs to one Kevin Willmott, a professor at the University of Kansas.


This guy needs to check his history. Republicans freed the slaves because they believed in equility. It’s the democrats that don’t believe black people are equal-hence affirmative action.

Wow, that is disgusting. I can’t even bring up enough arguments against that. It’s like the black Michael Moore! Republicans eat babies, the movie…..keep an eye out for it! And to piggy back funks statement, you only have to look so far back to see that the Republicans are for the advancement of all races and equality while the Democrats just find their puppets and ride. Oh yeah and Democratic Senator Byrd and his KKK inclusion is another point for Lee to ignore.