Out-Crazying The Crazies

Greg Gutfeld over at the Puffington Host seems to drive the site’s Lefty readers absolutely bonkers, at least if the comments that follow his pieces are any indication. His most recent entry, By Popular Demand: America Sucks! has brought the frothing Lefties out in droves, and deservedly so – it’s a funny, witty takedown of so many of the anti-American tropes floating around in the Meme-O-Sphere inhabited by dedicated mushskulls and Marxists.
To wit:

Soon to be a book, a movie, a play, and a suppository…
1. If only our culture was as inferior as those of other countries, we could fly planes into their buildings.
4. Not executing homosexuals or adulturers makes us a laughing stock in Islamic countries.
12. Venezuela is just sitting there.
19. Our constitution is simply too lenient and doesn’t allow for beheadings.

Heh. Go ye and read the entire list.

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