The Onion Weighs In On Illegal Immigration

Illegal wrestlers crossing the border.Whether you agree or disagree with The Onion‘s overall politics (left-of-center, for the most part), there is no denying the writers behind its stories posess rare talent for distilling issues into their most basic, ridiculous forms. Take, for instance, an article from this week’s “issue”: WWE: Illegal Mexican Wrestlers Taking Smackdowns American Wrestlers Don’t Want. From the article:

The wrestlers, also known as “jobbers,” come in search of greater title opportunities and more interesting storylines than those available in their small, unorganized Lucha Libre leagues.
“These masked luchadores are hard-working, energetic, and always willing to learn new skills that Americans consider beneath them—such as being power-bombed from the top turnbuckle or chokeslammed through the announcer’s booth,” said McMahon on this week’s WWE Raw.
“The idea that these Mexicans are somehow stealing jobs from American wrestlers is ridiculous,”McMahon said.
“After all, someone’s got to take these folding chairs to the face.” McMahon then picked up a folding chair and whacked Rey Mysterio Jr. in the face.

Heh. Go ye and read the whole thing, for verily, it is good.