Ouch. Very Ouch, Baby.

Tammy Bruce really let John McCain have it today. From “John McCain Thinks Americans Are French”:

Let me be blunt. McCain is a self-serving, opportunistic pig. He, like other open-borders, Americans-Are-Lazy politicians, is a man who has grown soft and fat and elitist in Washington, DC, and has developed an obvious contempt for the average working American. Not only does he not deserve to even think about being president, he should not be in the U.S. senate. He is an example of the opportunistic narcissists in Washington whose only concern is their own career as they do whatever they think it’ll take to advance themselves.

Wowsers. Read the whole thing, and then contact the good Senator’s office and see if he’s in any need of Bactine to assist in recovery from such a vicious tongue-lashing.