A Photographic Ode to Linguistic Ambiguity

Huh.  Huhhuhuhuhuh. Yeah, yeah!
I snapped this pic with my RAZR cellphone Crapcam at the local Genuardi’s – the mind positively reels at what, exactly, that term might mean.


Heh, I was in a Giant in Norristown and they had a sign in the drink aisle “New Age Drinks.” Apparently thats what they consider Sobe, Fuze, Snapple, etc.
Of course, I couldn’t find plain bottled water anywhere in the store. Turns out all the bottled water they kept was on an end cap near the frozen food at the other end of the store!

@A.O.: I was talking around that notion. You? You went right for it.
@Ryan: How very early 90’s of Giant. *grin*
Great, now I’ve got that Dead Eye Dick song stuck in my head (“I got a New Age girl.” “Tell us what she’s like!” “An environmentalism girl.”, etc.).