An Incredible View Of Downtown Philadelphia

A few lucky private citizens were lucky enough to be invited to take a tour of the still-under-construction Comcast Center in Center City Philadelphia. One enterprising blogger amongst the crowd documented the trip in pictorial form (the above panorama is an image from the 55th story). There are some incredible shots amongst the ones he managed to grab, particularly the picture of the BFP to the Museum of Art, the shot of the PMA itself and the birds’-eye shot of LOVE Park.
If you’re a Philly native or are simply interested in urban architecture, you owe it to yourself to check out the gallery.

Hip-Hip Huzzah!

“I’ve, like, got a note from a pastor and that’s totally as good as one from a doctor, right?

Keely and Kevin
I apologize for the lack of posting that has plagued the blog since Thursday. Wife, child, future child and I have been out of town attending my (only) sister’s wedding. It was a great weekend and, except for an overabundance of heat and humidity on the afternoon of the ceremony, everything went swimmingly. My dad even made it through his part of the ceremony without breaking down (there were some mild tears/sniffles).
My sister married another P.K., so both my father and the groom’s father officiated over the ceremony, which was pretty cool. If this was any indicator, “Too many pastors spoil a wedding” isn’t likely to replace “Too many cooks…” anytime soon.
Her new hubby is, by all accounts, a great guy, an assessment that I definitely agree with based upon the time I’ve gotten to spend with him. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to get to know him better, as everyone else in the family has gotten to spend a good deal more time with him since he and my sister started seeing each other.
The reception was a blast for all, including most especially Will who got to dance with his first flower girl:
Will and Hailey
That’s m’boy!
As for me, I’m bedward-bound, as I’m just about plum tuckered out.


Numero Dos
That’s right, ladies and gents: Numero Dos is on the way, and boy ain’t he/she a beaut? (We’re going to be surprised as to the sex as we were with Will).
Baby is healthy, although the ultrasound tech said they’re a little on the small side. They said the same thing about Will, and look how he turned out…CORRECTION: On the small side for us. Which means they’re still big. *grin*
In any event: yay! Now we’ve just got to agree on some names.

A Bountiful Link-Filled Catch-Up

I am fully cognizant of my delinquent blogging — apologies all around. I’ve been in full recovery mode since taking the redeye from SFO to PHL on Friday night. Short observations on that flight? Sucked like a brand-new Dyson 07 with the full pet hair kit. Stupid US Airways.
In exchange for my previous silence, please accept this surplus of links.
This is my kind of math: 1 rainy/icy racetrack + multiple expensive race cars + a massive pileup = millions of USD/GBP in damage, 0 fatalities. Nice.
WordPress converts aplenty: Michelle Malkin moved from an On’B MT-powered site to a brand-spankin’ WordPress one. Jeff Goldstein dumped Emotion Engine for WordPress, while Fred Thompson’s official blog was built from the ground-up using WP.
iPhone-tailored apps (read: websites for the iPhone’s tiny Safari browser) have already started hitting the streets, thus an aggregation site was nigh-inevitable, of course.
The Payback Project — stickin’ it to sucka GOP Senatorz that be all “We’ll vote to let the illegals ignore our laws ’cause then they’ll totally vote for us. Or maybe their kids will.” “Teach the GOP to respect their base again — the hard way” — fo’ sheezy.
Speaking of “fo’ sheezy”: Geek bling keyboard rings. To paraphrase a certain incarcerated celebrity heiress: “That’s Ctrl-Alt-Del hot.”
Life as a videogame character? It has its plusses and minuses.
LOLCODE: taking both the lolcats meme and programming where both probably ne’er should have ventured. LOLBOTS, on the other hand, is the utlimate incarnation of the joke.
John Hodgman as Steve Jobs in the intro to WWDC last week:

Speaking of WWDC, I posted my crappy cameraphone pics from the conference over at my Zooomr page.
Can’t forget the transforming Transformers cosplayers:

“Inconvenience”, Through The Eyes Of A Toddler

I came home yesterday to find that my township, in a fit of civic brilliance, had decided to start a road infrastructure improvement project. Directly. Outside. My House. Now, while this is a wonderful thing (once everything is complete) it does mean that my normal parking spots have gone the way of the dodo. I had to park a good block and a half away and thus got home in a bit of a foul mood. I was met by my wife and son, at least one of whom showed a little sympathy as to my “plight”.
Then the construction trucks showed up.
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Bestest Fark Thread Evar

We’ve previously discussed the lolcats Internet meme briefly here before, so I won’t go into its origins at the moment (citations for the development of said meme/macro/fad/”kitty pidgin” available here, here, here, here, here and here, if you’re interested). However, I simply must point out the following “lolpresidents” thread over on Fark that has some of the funniest mutations of the meme I’ve yet seen — particularly the Grover Cleveland “I’d hit it twice — non-consecutively” entry.
Then again, I’m a U.S. History nerd and an Internet meme hound, so maybe it’s just something that will simply scratch my own humor itches…

Engrish Blands

You know, Chinese brand piracy would almost be hilarious if it weren’t for the rampant theft and thuggery it involved.
Okay, I admit: it’s funny no matter what. I’ll always know where I need to go if I need to get me some Cnovesre or daiads shoes during the ’08 Olympics.

Run From Teh Hillary!

The Photoshop goons at Fark and SomethingAwful both happened across the following wonderful picture of Hillary Clinton mid-, well, something:
Hilarity (or is that “Hillaryarity”?) ensued.
OBLIGATORY FARK/SA WARNING: Juvenile content, cursing and all manner of inappropriate imagery abound in the above-linked PS threads. There are gems amongst the slop, however, to violently mix metaphors. You have been warned.