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  • It’s Just Like One Of Those Movie Theater Photo Booth Shots

    …Only far, far bundle-of-joy-ier. (Click the image for the full size scanination) We’re due March 17th — that’s right, a St. Patty’s Day baby. They’ll still wear orange, though. *grin*

  • Stuff I Learned On The Internet[s], Recent History Edition

    People approach me and say “Doug, we haven’t seen you post recently. What have you been learning on the Internet these last two weeks that you haven’t been posting?”* I learned that Matt Mullenweg started WordPress partially of a desire to help out his church. I learned that one does not mess with Finns named…

  • Your Daily Dose Of “…What The Crap?”

    [With apologies to Scott Johnson, of My Extra Life fame, for his coinage of phrase.] Dear President Obama, what the crap? Obama Considers Zany Climate Engineering Gadgets to Fight ‘The Warming’. Obama is apparently considering using a machine that would suck up smog and shoot it into the upper atmosphere—reflecting the sun’s rays—as a way…

  • Daddy/Will “Date”, March 2009

    Will and I hopped a train to Philly and caught a Wings lacrosse game over the weekend. The Wings were playing the Minnesota Swarm. Minnesota won, 13-12. W00t!

  • Whoah.

    Or is it “hoo-ah!”? More of the second. Definitely.

  • Fun With Flowcharts

    If you like GraphJam (and what engineer in their right mind doesn’t), these’ll tickle your funny bone: Source: Via Flickr. Heh.

  • That’s Not Particularly Statesman-like, Senator Obama!

    From CNN’s “breaking news” headlines area just now: I mean, I know Joe Biden can be a bit of a bore at times, but adding insult to the whole not-choosing-him-for-Vice-President thing is just mean. Heh. And the breathless press waits breathlessly for The One to breathily make His Veep Pronouncement.

  • Your Tax Dollars At Work: NASA Redefines “EPIC FAIL”

    Sure, it’s no $400 million weather satellite, but NASA’s test of the new Orion vehicle’s parachute system is certainly up there in the “ouch” department — the high speed fall from 25,000 with precisely zero successful chute deployments is downright hilarious to watch. One can almost envision Buster being pulled from the wreckage with all…

  • Variations On A Theme

    Along the lines of yesterday’s efforts, Merlin Mann linked to a new artistic trend: placing baby/toddler faces in old yearbooks to comedic/frightening effect. Here’s my quick attempt using my children as guinea pigs:

  • If The World Were Populated By A Hideous Race Of… Me’s.

    By way of Merlin Mann’s linkblog/tumblog, I stumbled across Yearbook Yourself, a site that allows you to insert your visage into yearbook photos of years gone by. While the above-linked shots of Mike Monteiro are downright hilarious, I shall allow you, my readers, to judge the results I obtained (click the photos to see larger…