My Breath Tastes Like Armpit

My wife and I are out of town this weekend for my brother’s wedding and, as such, the posting has been light. Last night was my brother’s bachelor party which ended up being a comparatively mellow affair, as none of us had any interest in getting blitzed and/or doing things we’d otherwise regret. We did finish off the night with Macanudos, which lead directly to the title of this post. Excellent cigars, really crappy morning-after aftertaste.
Posting will be light for the duration of tomorrow as well, as I’m in the wedding. I may have time to post a few pictures on Sunday, but don’t hold your breath.


“for my brother’s wedding”
Damn, my bomb shelter isn’t ready for the coming apocolypse!!

I never would have thought in a million years…
Then again, I’m getting married in two weeks, I wouldn’t have put money on that 5 years ago!!