Apparently The Pickle Business Is Booming

In the interests of pursuing a healthier lifestyle and scintillating conversation, several of my coworkers and I take a walk during our lunch break on a nigh-daily basis. Our usual route leads us through the Vlasic parking lot which generally resembles your run-of-the-mill corporate parking facility. However, a couple of days ago, we noted something a bit out of the ordinary:
Ferrari F-430 (smaller)
Yup, that’s a Ferrari F430, captured by my very own CrapCam. And I believe that’s a C6 Vette convertible directly behind it.
And, from another angle:
Ferrari F430 and Bentley Continental GT (smaller)
That’s a Bentley Continental GT in the background, if you can’t tell. The pickle business must be very, very good these days…

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