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One More Bucket List Item — Checked Off

Responded to by Alton Brown. If forced to cannibalism…I'm thinking: — Alton Brown (@altonbrown) March 21, 2012 @altonbrown Long-pork Wellington? — Doug, Doug, Gray Doug (@zamoose) March 21, 2012 !/altonbrown/status/182503787779461123 I can die happier now.

The Pinnacle[s] of Western Civilization

Presenting: Wake n’ Bacon! That’s right, no more annoying sounds to drag you out of bed in the morning, only the wonderful wafting scent of bacon. Then there’s HillBilly’s Homewrecker. Deep-fried 1lb. hot dog slathered in, well, everything. Yowsa.

Great Grandpa B.’s Kiwanis Club Chicken

Update Note: My grasp on family lore was apparently mistaken. Note the corrected portions. With Father’s Day behind us, we’re into the grilling season proper. My family rang in the summer last weekend with an old family standby: Great Grandpa…


Ahhh, good old-fashioned German engineering. Who but the Krauts would think of Cheeseburger in a Can? Wondering what it looks, feels and tastes like? Wonder no more, for intrepid Something Awful forumdweller “Honk” has conducted the test for you. The…

A Query, A Plea, A Shot Into The Night

Is it just the Northeast, or are peanut butter Twix unavailable all across this great nation? I ask, because the caramel variant is a poor relation, an imitation, a candied poseur of the first order whose continued existence in vending…