Dear West Windsor-Plainsboro High Class Of 1996

How are you all? I’m assuming you know that there’s now another high school in the Dubbya Dubbya Pee, “North”. My, how things have changed, eh?
So, like, is there a 10 year reunion or something this year? ‘Cause I’ve heard nothing about it if there is one and I’ll be darned if I’m going to pay the extortion money Reunion Dot Com demands.
I’m very much looking forward to seeing who ended up being used BMW salesmen, real estate brokers, radio DJs and/or vicious government-trained hitmen.

Doug Stewart

P.S.: Has Victor Chang been elected regent of some obscure subcontinental Asian country, which he rules with an iron fist, yet? I always had him pegged for a Junior Machiavelli.

6 Replies to “Dear West Windsor-Plainsboro High Class Of 1996”

  1. If they plan it anything like the 5 year it will end up on Thanksgiving holiday. As for the used BMW salesman: Brian Jones, real estate: Rani Vasudeva and DJ: Dave (crap I forgot his last name!!).

  2. I actually ran into Joey on a plant to Atlanta. He was going to school and working on a program that was supposed to gradute him into Pixars animation school. Don’t know much past that.

  3. Rani:
    A.O. is none other than Brad R.
    And it looks like everyone missed the Grosse Pointe Blank references I was going for…
    Dave Camporeale as Minnie Driver? Perish the thought!

  4. i just googled myself and this came up. HAHAHA! i’m getting my phd in neuroscience wooot!
    i see brad on facebook. what are you up to doug??

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