Happy Fathers’ Day!

Will n' Me.
Today was my first official Fathers’ Day and, aside from the heat, it’s been good thus far.
I received Blazing Saddles (30th anniversary “Fathers’ Day Special” pack with an included “101 Top Barbecuing Tips” book) and a wireless grill thermometer set from wife and child. Those, combined with the charcoal chimney I picked up a couple of weeks ago and the bag of hardwood “Cowboy charcoal” I grabbed at Trader Joe’s yesterday means I’m raring to scrape down the Webber and fire that sucker up.
To all you fathers, grandfathers and soon-to-be-fathers out there: I wish you the best. Celebrate your day, enjoy your ties, handkerchiefs, BBQ tools, dress shirts and other Fathers’ Day standards.
Me, I’m off to scrape the grill.


4 responses to “Happy Fathers’ Day!”

  1. Congrats from another first timer 🙂

  2. Congrats indeed!

  3. Agent Orange Avatar
    Agent Orange

    Good Pic, now make him disco dance again.

  4. Many thanks for the kind words.
    And Brad, don’t store up for yourself that which you do not wish your kids to reap.