Me, Frightened? Yeah, A Little.

Folgers + Teletubbies + 60’s-ish Pop + disturbing lyrics = Ghyaaaaaaaaaaa!
Just watch and let the images wash over you.

(If the above doesn’t work, click here for the direct YouTube link).
Great. Now I’m going to have the image of that freaky blonde staring down at me while I try to sleep tonight. Thanks, Folgers.
For additional ad-related freakage, see: Prehensile Skittles beard. Egah!
Source: Wizbang.

7 Replies to “Me, Frightened? Yeah, A Little.”

  1. Stop drinking coffee… or alcohol? Both?
    In any case, I’m so going to have nightmares featuring glowing yellow people and the Freaky BK King.

  2. What
    H e double hockey sticks
    WAS THAT!!!!!
    be afraid children… very afraid. In other news, buy Maxwell House, it puts money in my pockets.

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