Holy Cuppa…!

Cup. O. Chino.
It’s a bit of a running joke amongst my family members that my parents tend to make coffee a tad on the weak side of the spectrum. That, coupled with their penchant for decaf tends to make each coffee-drinking episode at their house a frustrating one for one so caffeine-addicted as I.
Recently, on our way back from my parents’ place, my wife and I were discussing this phenomenon when I quipped “Well, they’ve always made ‘Catholic Coffee’,” an expression that was met with a look of confusion on her face. I explained “You know, they take a handful of coffee grounds, make the Sign of the Cross over a pot of boiling water and call it ‘coffee’.” Without missing a beat, she returned “So does that make French-pressed coffee ‘Baptist’?”
I knew there was a good reason I married this woman.
We spent a good while afterwards suggesting other potential religional correlations, such as Episcopal (exactly like Catholic Coffee, except you make sure your back is facing Rome when you make it), Presbyterian (coffee by committee), Methodist (the end product doesn’t really matter and isn’t assured, it’s the process of making the coffee that counts), Scientological (“75 Million Years Ago, Dark Lord Valdez Ruled The Universe With An Iron, Java-Laden Fist…”), and even Mormon (“Coff-what now?”). Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.
(Picture courtesy of/© Refracted Moments)

Me, Frightened? Yeah, A Little.

Folgers + Teletubbies + 60’s-ish Pop + disturbing lyrics = Ghyaaaaaaaaaaa!
Just watch and let the images wash over you.

(If the above doesn’t work, click here for the direct YouTube link).
Great. Now I’m going to have the image of that freaky blonde staring down at me while I try to sleep tonight. Thanks, Folgers.
For additional ad-related freakage, see: Prehensile Skittles beard. Egah!
Source: Wizbang.