Executive Branch Cosplay: It’s Not Just For J. Edgar Any More

I’d wager that most 3rd grade American students have about a 75% chance of identifying the following historical personage within the first few seconds of seeing his visage:
Frenjamin Banklin
Still not getting it? How about now:
It's all about the Benjamins, baby.
If you said “Benjamin Franklin,” you’d be 100% correct. And, apparently, you’d be smarter than 100% of the Target.com editorial staff if this entry is any indication:
Franklin thumbnail.
As of this writing (Monday night, 9/4/06), Target continues to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that that doll, in fact, isn’t Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Unless FDR was really into historical reenactments, then, well, all bets are off.
Note: the product reviews on that page are worth the price of admission alone, featuring such gems as

George W. Bush asks: “Is our children learning?”
The answer is no. No they isn’t.


How well I remember the Democratic Convention of 1932 when Franklin Roosevelt flew a kite inside the Chicago Convention Center and first drew lightining to the amazement of Al Smith’s supporters. The world was changed forever, and, mostly, for the better. As we all know, the Electric Kite Powered Wheelchair eventually became the Segway.



Heh. It’s only history, right? Accuracy is overrated.
Well, it looks as if the issue is no longer salient, as Tar-jhay has fixed the issue – the link now reads “Benjamin Franklin”.