Oh How The Days Fly By

Daddy and Will.
Around a year and a day ago, I was finishing up my round of “He’s here! And he’s a ‘he’!” calls from the hospital room and settling down with my wife and son (gosh, how strange that sounded at the time!) for our first night together. The quiet insistence of the new reality, namely: there’s a whole new person here, and we’re responsible for him! was setting in. It all seems to magical and so far away now.
Will and the balloon.
Will turned 1 on Tuesday and it’s safe to say that my love and adoration for my son has only grown with each of the 367 days that have passed since his birth. I love how he has grown, how he shows ever more personality on a daily basis and how he gives every indication of being a bundle of energy, intelligence and mischief. Happy birthday, Bud. I love you.