This Almost, ALMOST Makes Me Want To Get A PS-3

[UPDATE: Link to the LittleBigPlanet editor video was incorrect. I’ve updated it. Sorry for the confusion. -ed.] Sony pulled out the big guns for this year’s GDC with their ace in the hole being the “It’s Not Second Life!” Playstation Home:

Next up is the intriguing LittleBigPlanet (with an editor preview available here):

Almost makes me want a $600 dollar PS-3. Almost.
I’ll most likely opt for the $250 Nintendo Wii, though, so I can play Super Mario Galaxy:

Yowsas all around

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  1. OK so PS3 is pushing……the SIMS. uh huh, ok whatever go meet your friends online and have virtual relationships……..greeeaaat. The big small world dealy looks pretty cool though, always a sucker for puzzle games and the graphics are amazing. It’s like looking into a small live world they look so real! And of course no one can pass up Super Mario!! After the N64 version Nintendo had all gamers hooked I believe. At least they had Funk and I hooked as we defeated it and then tried to defeat it to get the mystery Luigi Character as well as the Yoshi character. We got the Yoshi deal but the Luigi, we believe, was unfounded (hello, MK2 and noob saibot after 100 wins rings a bell).

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