1. GLUW- Good one, forgot about that band but remember rockin to it with you in HS.
    PSUSA- Still have that CD and PSUSA2 and break it out every once in a while to hear dune buggy.
    Cochraine – Actually heard a kid in a stroller singing that song in the mall yesterday…..wierd
    Green Jelly – sold the CD and hate myself for it frequently CEREAL KILLER!!!
    And Eagle Eye Cherry stole one of Funk’s riffs for a song that every time we played it in College people would comment on how they knew that guitar riff from somewhere. Fun stuff though.

  2. yeah I tracked back and noticed you threatened the PUSA last time……nice. Now go get Tripping Daisy some flaming lips and that one band that was on the sample CD that you got from Video Barn that time that was awesome. I think the band had 3 letters that they were known by, and not STP! It was their full name shortened.

  3. Uh oh. It was “Final Four Plus 1” or somesuch. I’m going to have to go dig that one out.
    Flaming Lips I can do, methinks and I have some other back-pocket secrets to pull out when the time is right…

  4. Oh, and Rascal Flatts (ptui!) did a cover of “Life is a Highway” for Cars, so that’s probably where the stroller jockey heard it.

  5. The answer you seek is “Corrosion of Conformity” or “C.o.C.”.

  6. Yes yes COC….oh my flashbacks

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