A Regular Stand-Up Kinda Goy

Over the course of a Seder dinner, an event filled with history, solemnity and a good deal of tradition, have you ever inadvertently:

  1. Almost choked to death on a sip of grape juice?
  2. Brought your 18 month old son to tears with a bite of matzoh and horseradish?
  3. Poured piping-hot matzoh ball soup down your wife’s back while trying to avoid pouring another bowl down her front?

No? Why do I ask? Well, you see, I have this friend who just happened to…
Umm, well, y’see, it’s like this: I tried to, I mean, he tried to…
Crap. I’m never going to hear the end of this one.

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Wait wait, I’ve seen this pattern before. Something involving a younger brother in the back seat of a 197something station wagon with no horn and the driver attempts to shut his brother up by swerving the vehicle (this must work in Scotland or somewhere) and invertently slams his passenger, and good friends, head into the passenger window. Yeah, been there done that, feel for the wife. She should have known though after the first date when you punched her in the face!!! LOL