My Son: An Orator Of Singular Talent

Daniel Webster.
Will has been getting increasingly verbal in the past couple of months, but unfortunately, it’s of a peculiar sort. He has said “kitty”, “cup”, “ball”, “truck” and a host of other words, but each and every one only once.
The words he drops are largely contextual — it’s clear that he understands what he’s saying and that he is referring to specific people, objects or concepts, but he gets an almost-embarrassed look on his face when we prompt him to repeat himself. This look quickly morphs into one that says “Nope, I’ve done it once and proved to myself that I can, so I’ll wait until I can speak in full sentences before I repeat myself.”
It’s not that he’s not intelligent. He is clearly gaining a love for reading books (he sat for a full half hour “reading” Malcolm X’s biography the other day — there aren’t even any pictures!) and he understands us fully. He conceptualizes well and he hears us just fine, so it’s not a hearing problem.
I’m not worried, really, although it is a bit concerning.

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  1. Fear not. Apparantly (My mother would say factually, but I don’t remember), I didn’t say my first sentance until 4 years old. I said lots of words or incomplete sentances, but never felt the need to string one together – until my 4th birthday. That when I uttered this now-famous line:
    “Let’s all eat some chocolate cake!”
    On a lighter note – remember these moments; once the silence is gone, it’s gone for a LOOOOOONG time…
    Check that out – I used a semi…

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