In-Flight Blogging

[Recorded somewhere over Western Pennsylvania or possibly Ohio, I think, 6:07pm EDT]
After an unspecified “paperwork”-based delay of almost 45 minutes (due, according to the pilot, to a delayed or mishandled flight from either Phoenix or Las Vegas, curse you Sun/Sin City!), we took off and are on our way to SFO.
The flight is filled to capacity — a bit surprising to me, I’ll warrant. Didn’t realize there was much call for direct flights to San Francisco on a Sunday afternoon, but there’s no accounting for taste or city of residence, I guess.
A few observations:
In-flight movie: Breach.
In-flight food: Looks to be peanuts. For-pay meal to follow, I’m sure.
In-flight advertising: Pervasive. The drop-down screens that America WestUS Airways use to run the movies are also a nice way to invade my personal space with ads for DHL shipping, credit cards and more apparently. Plus, the stewardess’s safety speech was practically “sponsored by” the ever-present Sky Mall.
[UPDATE 7:30pm EDT]
In re: In-flight food: Turned out to be pretzels. Also, sitting in row 22 means that there was no food left by the time the cart reached me. Feh. Room service it is, I guess.
In re: In-flight movie: Breach, Bourne Identity — doesn’t Cris Cooper ever get to play a good guy? Also, I probably could’ve researched the previous point more thoroughly were the FAA to allow for in-flight wireless.

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When was the last time you were on a plane? Due to the insane sensitivity of the nut allergies, airlines do not carry them on flights any longer. Geez man, you still wearing your slap bracelets? LOL