Skitch Invites (5 Of ‘Em)

There’s a nifty new app out for the Mac called Skitch — it’s a bit hard to describe, but the demo video on the Skitch site does a decent job of doing so. Basically, it’s a screen capture/markup tool with a distinct Flickr, et al. aspect to it.
I managed to snag a beta invite and 5 extra invites, so if you’re interested in grabbing an advance copy, just leave a comment in the comments section of this post. First come, first served!


I”d be happy to send you one, but the MySkitch site won’t let me — it claims you’re already registered at the email address you included with your comment.

I know im late to the party but I really trying to get my hands on a copy of skitch like most other mac users atm.. I would really appreciate it if u have one left

I’m all out at the moment, unfortunately. I’ll keep you in mind once the next round of invites gets distributed, though.
I have a couple of extra Pownce invites — any interest in that?