We Only Scored A ‘6.0’ From The Russian Judge

…But still managed to pull out a win in the WordPress iPhone Content contest. Matt Mullenweg announced the results on the wp-hackers mailing list today.
Stephane, Viper and I are super psyched about the win. Our congratulations also go out to Dan and Jared whose entry garnered them some great plaudits as well.
I’ll be claiming an iPod Touch, myself, as the $60/month service charges at&t are levying for iPhone access plans are a bit steep at this point.
Besides, I’m holding off for an Android phone. *grin*

One Reply to “We Only Scored A ‘6.0’ From The Russian Judge”

  1. I’m going for the iPhone, but I’m definitely stoked about Android!
    And it comes with a released SDK, is opened, and provides developers with an emulator. Just no device.
    Unfortunately, Apple went the exact opposite way…

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