Elbee Elgee 1.3.6 Beta 6

A few more changes here — I think we may be close to an actual, certifiable 1.3.6 final release. Grab beta 6 and let me know if you encounter any issues.
This release should

  • Kill off the annoying BuddyPress JavaScript-related bugs (like the More link not producing more content, the New Topic button not working, etc.).
  • Nested comments’ authors’ names should no longer appear whited-out.
  • I’ve begun adopting the WordPress Core CSS coding standards in all CSS files I include. Should make parsing easier.

Elbee Elgee Issue Tracker: For My Sanity’s Sake

From all Elbee Elgee users, past, present and future, I’d like to ask a favor: please, please, please begin using the issue tracker on Bitbucket to submit bugs and/or feature requests. Between the comments sections on release posts, the WordPress.org forums and direct contacts via email, I’m starting to get a bit swamped and having trouble keeping an eye on all pending issues.
You don’t have to sign up for a Bitbucket account in order to submit issues, though you won’t be able to get automatic notifications if you don’t.
Feel free to leave comments here, too, and over on the .Org forums as well — as long as you make sure to post your issues to the Bitbucket issue tracker. I’ll be able to keep pending issues out ahead of me much easier that way, which should result in more rapid turn-arounds on releases in turn. Help me. Help me. Help YOU.
Thanks! *grin*

New (Hopefully Final!) Beta Version of Elbee Elgee 1.3.6

We’re drawing nigh to a new (final) release of Elbee Elgee. Go grab version 1.3.6-beta4. This one tweaks the default <title> and descriptions in the head/meta section in order to allow for tools like Yoast’s WordPress SEO or All in One SEO Pack to do their work with little-to-no interference (requested here). I’ve also added functionality for those using Yoast’s SEO plugin: Breadcrumb functionality now works.

If time and effort allow, I may also squash this bug that seems to affect certain BuddyPress plugins. Assistance/bugfixes welcome, as always.

Elbee Elgee 1.3.2 Approved; 1.3.3 Incoming

I’ve released Elbee Elgee version 1.3.2 to the WordPress.org themes repository. The update got a clean bill of health and should be showing up in your WordPress Updates screens as soon as the Powers That Be mark it for “sync”.
This is a small update that addresses the menu issues some folks were seeing involving mutli-level menus. The quick fix was to make sure you specified a custom menu for the Primary menu location but 1.3.2 should fix it from the back-end side of things.
Additionally, I’m cobbling together a 1.3.3 release for WordPress 3.3 support (keep tabs on its status in the Theme Repository here. The change is minor — WP3.3 changed the way CSS stylesheets were included (see here and here for details) and so some of the Elbee Elgee styling has started to “bleed” over into the WP administration interface.
Ain’t that the way of things — I release a bugfix and then have to follow it up with another one, short-order? *grin*

Making phpPgAdmin Work

This post is more of a reminder to myself than anything else. It took me a while and a bit of Googling to find the right answer.
If you’re using phpPgAdmin to administer PostgreSQL databases and you want to be able to alter records from the web-based interface — i.e., you want each row to feature an “Edit” and “Delete” button — you’ll need to remember this: all tables that you want to use phpPgAdmin on must have a PRIMARY KEY defined. No PRIMARY KEY, no Edit/Delete links.

WordPress Hg

I’ve really caught the Mercurial bug recently and have begun chewing coworkers’ ears off about its benefits. I’ve been looking into ways to integrate it into my WordPress-related efforts and, inspired by this recent post on the WP Devel blog announcing a github effort to make WP available via git, I decided to set up an Hg clone (haw!) of the core WordPress codebase.
It’s available here over on BitBucket and, unlike Nikolai’s effort (which only appears to track trunk), I started my clone at the root of the Subversion repository, meaning that all branches and tags are (theoretically) accounted for. I’m currently syncing the two repos by-hand but am working on an automated process that should push changes from the core WordPress SVN server to BitBucket fairly quickly.
I’ll post again later to demonstrate my full process for accomplishing this — it was astonishingly easy, to be honest.
In the meantime, get cloning!

Don’t Mess With The Open Source Bunny

I don’t know that Pixar needs be worried yet, but those Shrek and Ice Age cats ought to be worried about Big Buck Bunny, the story of a large, gentle-souled rabbit pushed just a wee bit too far. It’s done entirely on Open Source tools (Blender in particular) and, to be quite frank, is an amazing example of what can be done by a dedicated few. It’s also Creative Commons licensed, for those that care.
Check it out:

Very cool. Also note that the HD version of the short is available, which ought to be viewed for the full effect.