Kate Update

Kate in a chair.
Kate was discharged from the hospital on Friday afternoon, much to the relief of my wife, Will and myself. She’s doing very well — she has gained back all most all of the weight she lost while sick according to the pediatricians at her follow-up appointment this morning. The only short-term effect is that Kate’s on travel restrictions for at least a week, meaning no car trips. We’ve therefore been having my family over in fits and spurts to approximate the Christmas get-together we were going to have at my parents’ place.
The doctors stated that while a correlative relationship has been established between RSV and juvenile asthma, no direct causal link has been found. Whether those who are predisposed to asthma are simply more susceptible to RSV or whether RSV can lead to asthma simply isn’t clear. In any event, it’s something we’ll have to be on the lookout for. (Family history, with my wife and two brothers having had asthma was already running the odds against our kids…)
Many thanks to those who offered prayers and support. While it was definitely a rough week (and one that I would not soon want to repeat), it’s a big-time blessing that wife and child are home for Christmas. I’m sure that if she could talk, Kate would thank you too (instead of issuing forth grunts, squeals and cries as at present. *grin*).

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  1. Merry Christmas! But you got your presents early, between a beautiful new baby girl, and your iPod Touch. Hope you’re spoiling the rest of the family. 🙂

  2. Man she looks like Will.

  3. Dear Doug & Sarah,
    Big Sis updated me on the news. Thankful Baby & Mom are home! She is beautiful.

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