Fröliche Weinachten

X-Mas TreeMerry Christmas, a few days late, to all my friends, readers, countrymen. And, to all my Eastern Orthodox readers: Merry Christmas season.
Things have been busy ’round these parts — since Kate wasn’t allowed out of the house, my family came over to celebrate Christmas in shifts, with my brother and sister-in-law followed by sister and brother-in-law and then maw, paw and youngest brother.
The kids (well, Will) had a great time, with all sorts of new books, toys and even a Fisher Price basketball backboard to keep their interest. Me, I managed to amuse myself with the Wii that is functioning as part Christmas, part birthday (today!) and part anniversary present from my wife. (She’s followed that gift up with the gift of besting me in Wii Tennis and Bowling several times. *grin*)
I took this week off work and am enjoying the free time, spending it with family, eating, playing and relaxing, so blogging is likely to be light until after New Year’s.
Have fun, happy holidays, and a very merry Christmas!

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  1. I am actively attempting to procure GH3 for Wii, and look forward ot you doing the same, as I believe there is a networked head-to-head mode…

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