…And In Another 32.5 Years, The Feds Will Let Me Retire!

I turned 30 this weekend, a fact that has prompted my wife to note that I am now able to be classified as Officially Old. I’ve already received my solicitation from the AARP, so in order to complete my bid for old coot status, I need to acquire:

  1. A house with a lawn to yell at the durn kids to get off of
  2. Cyclone fencing to pop stray neighborhood balls upon
  3. A mechanical push mower
  4. Sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses
  5. A Pocket Wizard
  6. A bowling league to join

I did get a copy of Super Mario Galaxy from my in-laws, a gift which has seen considerable playtime to date, as well as a copy of The Big Lebowski and I’m A Lebowski, You’re A Lebowski from the wife. So, you know, 30 isn’t starting off too badly.