New Stuff For The New Year

A very happy New Year to all my readers (you know who you three are… *grin*). I hope yours was a good celebration — ours was spent with friends who left early (but not before I addicted them to the Wii) and then Dick Clark, as per tradition. I admire the man for his fortitude and perseverance, but it’s pretty sad to see how the stroke has ravaged him. I’d put even money on ABC wheeling him out to wave at the crowd next year before allowing Ryan Seacrest the honor of counting down to ’09. Ptui!, says I.
I’ve also released a couple of political-theme t-shirts over at LB Gear for the dark horse ticket of 2008: Giuliani/Paul. (Click the link to have it make a bit more sense).
What? There’s another Paul in the race?
Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but my posting has been spotty around these parts as of late. I’m in the first stages of trying out a new “lifestream” plugin for WordPress that aggregates many, if not most, of the information sources I create on a daily basis (, Twitter, etc.). I’ve been trending towards posting a lot more on my Twitter account in particular, as it’s far easier to slip in a few micro posts here and there with the hustle and bustle that is life these days. So, if you’d like to have a broader view on my activity, hit my new Lifestream page. The colors are yet funky and the kinks are being ironed out, but I hope to have it working fully in the next couple of days.

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  1. I pondered the whole Dick Clark thing, too, over at my blog. I also collected a bunch of media mentions that were not too kind about his performance on New Year’s Eve.

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